How to use shipping service


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  • What if the email is not received after 1 minute?
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  • If you still doesn't receive the temporary password, please contact customer service and provide your email address
  • Please change your temporary password after login


Save Oversea Hub Address

Save【🚢Sea Shipping Hub】or【✈Air Shipping Hub】 address to your Taobao address book.

  • Parcel in 🚢 Sea Shipping Hub can only be shipped by Sea Freight, no matter make payment for shipping fee or not.
  • Parcel in ✈ Air Shipping Hub can only be shipped by Air Freight, will ship after make payment for shipping fee.
  • 淘宝下单时,务必备注给卖家仓库的收货时间


Submit Tracking Number after Purchasing at Taobao

Submit Tracking Number to Deliboy system after Seller sent out the parcel

  • If purchases large quantities or large items on Taobao, the seller may use multiple tracking number to delivery, but only one tracking number will be displayed on Taobao.

    Please remember to ask the seller for other tracking numbers after each purchase, and then submit the tracking number into system.In order to avoid the parcel missing!

  • Please submit Maximum 5 tracking number at a time, the system will automatically log out if inactive after 5 minutes

  • If a parcel doesn't received by HUB CN for a long time, please check logistic information that courier delivers the goods during warehouse business hours


HUB CN received Goods, Top Up and Check Out

After Parcel received by HUB CN, you can check the parcel status or check out at CONSO CENTER, then choose to pick up or deliver

  • If insufficient balance, please top up first, shipping fee will be deducted from e-wallet
  • ETA is estimate time arrival to port, after arriving at the port, the Malaysia customs needs 3-5 working days to do clearance


Waiting for Delivery or Self Collect

After check out, it will generate an Invoice Number at Parcel Center, you can check the parcel status anytime

  • 【Pending Distribution (HUB MY)】is means that the parcel is arrived to HUB MY, when all the parcels are arrived, we will start to distribute
  • 【Ready to Own Collect】 is means that the parcel is ready to collect


All Done, Enjoy!