Privacy Policy

Our Company understood the importance of privacy protection. Therefore, our Company strictly required all the employees to manage and protect the personal information collected/stored/forwarded/used by DELIBOY according to the safety and privacy regulations.

1. Content of Personal Information

DELIBOY shall collect Users’ personal information legally and fairly during the business operation. DELIBOY shall comply with the personal data protection laws and standards which are applicable in Malaysia.

2. Why do we collect your personal data

• To manage shipping, purchasing, warehousing and other activities or Services of our Platform.

• To assist our Company to avoid misuse of DELIBOY website resulting theft or various illegal activities.

• To expand and modify the Services provided by DELIBOY through the feedbacks and comments of Users.

3. How do we collect your personal data

• The personal data i.e. name, gender, email address, date of birth, contact number, address and other related information will normally be retained by the system when Users register on our Platform. Besides that, we save other information through different contact methods (email, phone contact, online support, entity dialogue) with the Users.

• If User is under the age of 18 or disabled, personal data should not be provided to the Platform unless he/she has the consent of his/her guardian or parent.

4. How do we use your personal data

• To compile general statistics about the use of the Platform;

• To review the Users’ login identity, to confirm the Users’ right to use the site's services, and to handle the Users’ various enquiries, suggestions and complaints;

• To conduct surveys, market research and other business strategic decisions and developments by using the relevant data analysis;

• To promote DELIBOY and our newly launched products and services to Users;

• To participate in various promotion activities; and

• To respond to Users in order to solve daily operation problems of DELIBOY.

5. How do we protect your personal data

• Our Company will store User’s personal information in the relevant security system that has data privacy policies, data classification and management standard. Only authorized staff can access the information. For example:-

A) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – To ensure that the data is encrypted during the transfer process.

B) Private Server - To prevent illegal Users from invading stolen data and to avoid shared server

6. Marketing

Provided that in compliance with this privacy policy, our Company may send marketing information and promotional materials to Users. If the Users do not wish to receive such marketing and promotional materials, please visit to our Platform to cancel the subscription.

7. Miscellaneous

Our Company reserves the right to update or modify the Privacy Policy.

8. Complaint about Privacy Policy

The Users are permitted to check their personal data at any time. If there is an authorised disclosure of any personal data, the Users shall contact us immediately. Our Company will work with the Users to carry out investigation.