About Us

Deliboy is built by a team with 15 years of professional logistics experience and innovative network technology.

Based on detailed services, close to users, and simplified processes to develop an online shopping and transportation platform that is suitable for all Malaysians.

We won't promise to provide our customers the cheapest price in the industry, but our sincerity and services will impress all of our valued customers.

淘宝代运 Taobao Shipping


Deliboy, your premium service provider

Why Choose Us

Free 60-day Storage

We provide 40 days more of warehousing duration compared to official Taobao warehousing duration for you to stack multiple parcels before delivering.

Most of Item Can be Shipped

Sensitive items constantly getting rejected by official shipping? Our warehouse will help you with it~

Custom Clearance & Tax Inc (SEA)

Coordinated service, shipping fee are listed clearly and is calculated by our system, no hidden charges.

Shipping Cost as low as RM 3.30 / KG

Compared to official shipping, you could save averagely around 65.18% of shipping fee.

High-Speed Sea Shipping

Parcels received by our warehouse will be loaded into container on the next business day, and can reach Malaysia warehouse as fast as 15 days.

Online Parcel Tracking

It only takes around 3 minutes to login, you can check your parcel status anytime anywhere.