Purchasing Agent

What does purchasing agent mean?

Purchasing agent is someone who purchases goods on behalf of the real buyer or one unit entrusts another unit to purchase on its behalf. As the technology is developed today, Users would prefer to choose cross-regional network as a platform to order goods from manufacturers online. However, Users have been worrying about the currency exchange, online transfer of foreign cumbersome procedures, etc., so that is why the purchasing agent came into being.

According to the current simple network terms, Users will look for purchasing agents to assist in online shopping, and through its transport company, the goods bought will be delivered to the real buyer safely without any mistake, such service is known as purchasing agent. Our site has a comprehensive online shopping system which allows User to shop easily and transact in Ringgit Malaysia, and this shall end the tedious and lengthy shopping process era.

Our Company has 15 years of experience in the field of transportation, where we have continuously acted as the agent for local retail or wholesaler users to purchase goods from overseas, and assisted many local users on overseas shopping remittance and other common problems. Now, with our online purchasing platform, we would like to create a channel where all the people can shop online without worries and let the people to be able to shop easier and more convenient.

Purchasing Agent fee

1. The commission for purchasing the goods is8% of the Product Value (1 seller 1 unit, 1 unit minimum Expense RM20.00). It covers:
  • Delicare Service for the delivery process from our warehouse in China to Users in Malaysia (maximum insured amount is RM1000)
  • Manufacturer's processing fees to purchase the goods. The customer service will purchase from the manufacturer after receiving the purchase order submitted by the Users.
  • Customs tax
2. The commission for purchasing on behalf of the real buyer does not include:
  • The value of the goods, cost of China's domestic transport, cost of cross-border transport, special warehousing, package value-added service fee, etc., are borne by Uusers themselves. Our Company has the final right to adjust and interpret all expenses.