⚠️Due to Covid-19 Virus Outbreak and Malaysia MCO, all services and duration such as door delivery, self-collect are affected ⚠️During Covid-19 Outbreak, most of the air freight were cancelled, sea shipping is recommended.

Deliboy Taobao Shipping

Specialize for Oversea Purchasing and Shipping

淘宝代运 Taobao Shipping

Our Services

Supports Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba and other online shopping websites.

Low shipping fee, ideal for non-urgent item, normally takes around 20 days to be shipped.

Ideal for urgent item, higher shipping fee compared to sea shipping, normally takes around 5-7 business days to be shipped.

Wooden frame, photo taking, item/quantity checking and other services.

For users that uses our help-buy or help-ship services and requires consolidation.

Suitable for small sellers, individual merchants, to solve the shortage of customer storage space

Why Choose Us

Free 60-day Storage

We provide 40 days more of warehousing duration compared to official Taobao warehousing duration for you to stack multiple parcels before delivering.

Most of Item Can be Shipped

Sensitive items constantly getting rejected by official shipping? Our warehouse will help you with it~

Custom Clearance & Tax Inc (SEA)

Coordinated service, shipping fee are listed clearly and is calculated by our system, no hidden charges.

Shipping fee as low as RM 2.80

Compared to official shipping, you could save averagely around 65.18% of shipping fee.

High-Speed Sea Shipping

Parcels received by our warehouse will be loaded into container on the next business day, and can reach Malaysia warehouse as fast as 15 days.

Online Parcel Tracking

It only takes around 3 minutes to login, you can check your parcel status anytime anywhere.

Everything Becomes Easier with Deliboy

Step 1

Submit Tracking No

Purchase items from Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba and other China online shopping platform, then place help-ship order.

Step 2

Parcel In Transit

Don't worry about stock-in, container loading, shipping, custom declaration and clearance. Everything will be done by Deliboy.

Step 3

Top Up Payment

Top-up your e-wallet on our website and complete the payment process. Then wait for us to deliver your goods within the delivery period.

Step 4

Parcel Delivered

Deliboy's system will help you track and update parcel status, it will be delivered to you safely.

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淘宝代运 Taobao Shipping

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通告Notice 亲爱的客户朋友们: 📈 海运费涨价通知 由于新冠肺炎🦠疫情严峻,船位紧迫,船期延迟,导致船务公司财务紧张而调涨海运费。 无奈之下,我司的所有海运费也会相应的做出调整,短期内会公布最新海运价格,敬请用户体谅和留意我们的公告,谢谢 🚫 现在正值年尾旺季,不建议使用空运🛫 淘宝狂欢节,双11双12即将来临,加上疫情告急,很多机场工作人员被隔离,航班也减少。 空运速度大受影响,不建议使用空运...

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通告 亲爱的客户朋友们: 🚫 现在正值年尾旺季,不建议使用空运🛫 淘宝狂欢节,双11双12即将来临,加上疫情告急,很多机场工作人员被隔离,航班也减少。 空运速度大受影响,不建议使用空运 请使用海运渠道 🈲 口罩/酒精洗手液等防疫物品不能承运 海关对于疫情物资严打措施,情况不容乐观。中国仓库会直接拒收,请留意!...

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通告 亲爱的客户朋友们: 🚫 无法派送区域 1) 海岛 – 邦咯岛 Pulau Pangkor、浮罗交怡/兰卡威岛...

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