About Shipping

What does Shipping mean?

Based on the term itself, it means that after a Users haves bought a products/goods from the sellers, a third party is required to deliver the product/good to the Users. The technology nowadays is more developed and users have started to choose a cross-regional network as a platform to order goods directly from manufacturers online. Generally, online manufacturers only provide domestic free shipping and some do not even have domestic delivery service.

This is why, for overseas buyers, a reputable and efficient international shipping company will undoubtedly be their best choice. After online shopping, the User needs to entrust a trustworthy shipping company to deliver the product(s)/good(s) to him/her/it safely. Hence, this is so called third-party delivery. As our Company has 15 years of experience in the shipping industry, it is definitely the best choice for Users to have reliable and efficient goods delivery.

DELIBOY is committed to build a platform for universal shipping service, so that the people worldwide can shop peacefully and safely online with convenient delivery.

Shipping Channel

Our Company provides two shipping channels:

By sea transportation – the cost of delivery is relatively cheap, it is suitable for goods to be delivered where time is not of the essence, the duration of delivery normally takes around 20 - 25 days (Klang Valley area) whereas outstation will need another 5 days more.

By air transportation – it is suitable for goods delivery where time is of the essence, the cost will be higher than sea transportation but the duration of delivery will be around 5 - 7 working days.