Bentong Ginger Honey Tea

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Bentong Ginger 🍯 Honey Tea 20gm*15bags

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Bentong Ginger 🍯 Honey Tea 20gm*15bags

❤️ Bentong Ginger is famous for its hot & spicy
❤️ A Grade Level Bukit Tinggi Old Ginger
❤️ Premium Sri Lankan tea
❤️ Unique patented formula, rich and less sweet
❤️ Ginger's Hot & Spicy is stimulating taste buds and appetite
❤️ One of the traditional uses of ginger is for pain relief, including menstrual pain, many Forms of Nausea, Especially Morning Sickness
❤️Ginger can improve ruddy complexion
❤️ It has effects on the early flu, alleviating the symptoms of nasal discharge and phlegm.

Prepare a pack ofBentong Old Ginger Tea
Prepare150ml of 🌡️ Hot Water
Tearing up the package and pouring into a cup, pour hot water
Stir with a spoon 🥄 and let him/her enjoy the drink.

● Bentong Old Ginger Tea
● Bentong Ginger Honey Tea
● Bentong Soy Ginger with Malt Cereal
● Bentong Ginger Green Tea
● Bentong Ginger Lemon Grass Tea
● Bentong Soy Milk with Ginger

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